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Pyrogenic Chromophore

The one who tells the stories rules the world.

Jay Ruisu
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The name's Ruisu. Or Jay. I am a lady. I have been a member of livejournal since... 2006, I believe?

I am spiritual, not religious.

I love my friends, and I am hugely into writing and creating. I'm currently going to school full-time and pursuing a career as an author. Mostly, I just want people to like my stuff and be interested by it.

I will have random convulsions and squee about movies, TV shows, and pairings. I also like to convulse over cupcakes, strawberries, yogurt, sour apple candies, anything frilly & pink, anything bright, music, and lots more! I just like to flail, kay? Two of my favorite things to do in the world are write on spruce bark with my nice pens, and fill out forms.

I am also currently writing and designing a webcomic called The Seventh Illusion, and doing the planning and art creation for an original character tournament on deviantART.